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August 7, 2009


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Hi Everybody!  :wave:

This week is the “People’s Choice” feature. :clap:  This feature is where your friends are asked to choose some of their favorite fractals from their favorite fractal artists throughout DA.  In this feature, laurengary and myself have also chosen a lot of our favorite fractals from our favorite artists as well.  Most of our picks are from fractals submitted  this past week, but there are some that are older.  Thanks go out to everyone for their response this time…. you have made some amazingly beautiful selections.  Please note, some items may be repeated during this feature, we are just reporting to you the fractals that were submitted…so please, no complaining. :no:   

In honor of DA’s 9th Birthday today, laurengary and I are doing a very large feature, and included in our personal picks are a lot of new fractal talent whose work is incredible, not that noticed, and who seriously need some exposure!  We hope you will take a moment to visit these artists and see their amazing and beautiful galleries!  

  Please sit back and  enjoy the selections we have for you this week. Happy fractaling everybody, and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to deviantART!! :iconw00tsplz::cake::party::iconfurrydanceplz::iconmonkeydanceplz::iconflowerdanceplz:

:iconfiery-fire: Picks
cities of tomorrow by lycGreat balls of fire by Jimpan1973Eternal Flame by obeyyourmasterTired Erotic Zebra by TyrantWaveTired Erotic Zebra by ccdigitalfx
:icondebi62: Picks
Colored Fountain by wolfepawThree Fish by GypsyHIntimate Details by SuicideBySafetyPin PM87 by pm-ark
:iconapomaniac: Picks
Julian Eye VII by HBKerrPretty little Baubles by obeyyourmasterChecker Bubbles by Direct2BrainLost Treasure of Tutankhamun by Golubaja
:iconamorinaashton: Picks
Sang Royal by PrelkiaDelusion of A Daydream by droz928Thirty four by mario837apo 31-07-09 I by turon-marcano
:iconlindelokse: Picks
Great balls of fire by Jimpan1973 Grape_Vine by Fiery-Fire Liquid Intention by AmorinaAshton Silver Blades by OutsideFate
:icontheslider: Picks
Golden Secrets by GolubajaDaisy Chain by Velvet--Glove:thumb131776022:Fractal Love by lindelokse
:iconavalonwing: Picks
Inner Explosion by AnnissinaFish Rising by Velvet--GloveWE_come_in_peas by Fiery-Fireuntitled_15 by majicou
:iconhallv5: Picks
Mythical Fantasy by AmorinaAshtonThe Glass Minagerie by DWALKER1047:thumb118313217::thumb131487177:
:iconvelvet--glove: Picks
Renaissance by kdietrichBorn of Water by Rykk Another Spiral by gabiw :thumb125019737:
:iconevilpj: Picks
in position by coby01Eisa 13 by aleisaLight in the darkness by SjerZBorn of Water by Rykk
:iconyiyi9556: Picks
crystal ball by lmarm crackled hearts v1 by karma4yaExotica by zsteve Whirl by hyruwen
:iconpinkal09: Picks
Golden Secrets by GolubajaLiquid Secrets by Anystasiaappletree by coby01Pretty little Baubles by obeyyourmaster
:iconfractek: Picks
untitled_17 by majicouChrysanta by infinite-artaggressive introspection by fractalheadJust Balck and White I by Mignon
:icongenlisae: Picks
Golden Secrets by GolubajaAbstract Gem by Jimpan1973untitled_19 by majicou Multi Sided by DWALKER1047
:iconzweezwyy: Picks
Some enchanted forest by IDevianttetra by MobilelectroJewellery by TyrantWaveJerusalem by MurdocSnook
:iconfractalcoeur: Picks
Gong Show by mdichow The Beginning by magnusti78:thumb112618502: Duality by Shortgreenpigg
:iconcaffe1neadd1ct: Picks
UF73109_1 by phudak78Golden Secrets by Golubajaantiqueflowers by coby01Red Sam by netta43
Artefact by Chelle-66Flying Leather Escher by jimamiDistant Hope by Golubaja The way down to sorrow by SaTaNiA
:thumb131619030:look into my eyes by HippieVan57Gift for Kitty LaPurr by ancient--one Synth Flowers-Baby's Breath by AmorinaAshton
:thumb131776330:Oranges Sliced by SuicideBySafetyPinCracked up by Jimpan1973Xenophilia by alien-dreams
Invasion of the Moon Men by AlterrenRequiem by CygX1Uncontrollable Urge by GolubajaThe Golden Nest by AmorinaAshton
:iconlaurengary: and :icondwalker1047:’s Picks
:thumb132036932:Land Aura the first...... by wingsailApophysis-022452-168 by DinkydauSetGoldie Locks by clebus
Light of an Angel by MothersHeartPALMGARDEN OUTSIDE by renderixCosmic Rose Garden by TarkentonRhistocs by GrandFacade
ozone baby by HippieVan57Spiral Tree by springdreams35 by ChancesGrandmaGrey Matters by StuKarver
Arlecchino by genlisae:thumb132386997:Outward by digitalpix4all:thumb131779857:
Find The Puzzle by ldylore:thumb131816529:ammonit by MAEssenceIllusion by depaz
Dryspell by AlterrenTwist those Blobs by AmorinaAshtonEye of the Universe by FeanarCURVES light version by live2b
UF09 Strawberies with Cream by Xantipa2FE FUN by renderixThe Lion by bluesman219Ariane's Wire by SaTaNiA
market by fractalheadTruchet Blooms by SuicideBySafetyPinTired Erotic Zebra by ccdigitalfxOy_Cherry by Fiery-Fire
Madame Butterfly by Velvet--GloveMore Spikey Stuff by HBKerruf72909_1  - Space Time - by phudak78Satsuma by SethraLavode
Lavinia in Mono by kayandjay100Corsage 2 by PharmagicianQuantum Bubble by DeepChromeDelphinium blue by Szellorozsa
There Is No Spoon by Complete-LoserFlowers on the Riverbank by NatalieKelsey:thumb132386708:Hidden smile by moforuss
Blue Swirls by Brigitte-FredensborgFragmented Memories by SzellorozsaThaw by bluesman219Flaming Apo Flame by marthig
:thumb132280140:sand by evilpj:thumb132196494:Little Boy Blue by NatalieKelsey
:thumb132174909:Spread Out by Actionjack52Meet Me in the Middle by 2BORN02BSpiralicious XXVII by psion005
Garden of Alien Delights III by psion005Blue Hawaii by ccdigitalfxSeahawks Stadium by wandering-mind:thumb104440020:09 08 03 B by penny5775:thumb131908569:Plateaus by Jimpan1973Gift for Kitty LaPurr by ancient--oneFlowerPower Max by FrankiefTechnology : Maya by SaTaNiA:thumb131879294:Light in the darkness by SjerZ:thumb132393208:Butterfly by Deceneace:thumb132382712::thumb132377798::thumb131223554:Magnitudes of Karma by PlatinusDebris by ersiGolden Tapestry by baba49Lavender Satin by SophquestSilver Blades by OutsideFateMetal Sculpt III by KaeltykCleft Notes by KabuchanFor your eyes only by dimitriskats
Round by yenkoffVariations of a Common Theme 4 by Phoenix-22SaW FeyeVe by StuKarverAthcer by kuzy62 Where Are We Going? by PzzPod070709 by PasternakAgave Trippin' by parrotdolphinAphasic by Meckie
Survey Marker by YarNorA Dream I Had... by kdietrichInvasion by thesliderPearls on Jacquard for JoEllen by 21citrouillesSmoke on the Water by abenokingPearls on Jacquard for JoEllen by 21citrouillesSpace Station Approach by CygX109-1018-13 by AmazeMeAugust by magnusti78Doesnt Remind Me by 12GO:thumb126726631: Thunderbrot by FarDareisMai :thumb126636319: Yoga Mat by mutequacky Moorish Tile by liazrdqueen Parasite. by neonrauschen Decline of the Postmodern Era by NinthTaboo Lost Soul by The-Serpent-Realm Enchanted Ocean On Neptune by Fruechtebrot Calypse by xero-sama Poem of Life by titiavanbeugen Gift for GenuineGenie by KattvingeMary Mary Quite Contrary by Colliemomlisten by theaverGlow by GravesGhastlystar-flux by GrandFacadeKiss by LiequeFantaisie Spherique by Prelkiauntitled_29 by majicouIron Guard by uncubitodehielo88

These picks come from our awesome Gallery Director’s Platinus and cmptrwhz

:thumb131767020: Magic Rainbow Dreaming Carpet by zweeZwyy :thumb131127724: Astral Odissey by Metamorfose Dot Dot Dot by SuicideBySafetyPin Oceanica by Alterren Satsuma by SethraLavode Summer Mood 09 by baba49 Agate and Fractal Abstract by GypsyH The Beginnings by Anystasia Quantal Echoes by SalHunter Ripple by RebelAssasin311 Purple Gnarls by DWALKER1047 vases- by coby01 Flowers In My Hair by Avalonwing
MANHATTAN PROJECT by bo-dion :thumb131843873: incendia chaotic heart by TanithLipsky Rings 'n Things by hallv5 untitled incendia by sewer-pancake Gear Melon by AureliusCat :thumb131811359: :thumb131770178: Silver Towers by ox3art love chess and sun incendia by TanithLipsky :thumb58847605: incendia marble 2 RR4 challeng by cmptrwhz Trophy by DarK--MatteR

If you would like to try your hand at Incendia, here is a link to the download--->

LazysusanXrectangleS by physivic BC and BD's Synth-Epispiral by Fractal-Resources UF - Changing Default Gradient by genlisae Texture Pack by Jimpan1973 Gradient - Pack 1 by SaTaNiA Henon and Lozi Apo Plugins by TyrantWave
***REMINDER-It is customary to :+fav: and give credit to the person whose resources you are using under your deviations.   If you are someone who makes resources for the community to use, please note me so I can add your folder to my list of links for the community.  Thanks all!

Apophysis fractals for nebulae by th3rion Apophysis Flame Pack by mfcreative First Flames of Three by MothersHeart 20k PV's Flamepack - UF + Apo by TyrantWave Fiery-Fire_UF5-pk1 by Fiery-Fire UF Param Pack 2 by LithMyathar
(If you are an artist who make their parameters available for all, please noteDWALKER1047 so you can be added you to her feature list!)  :nod:
:new: :iconfractalcoeur: is having "A Flock of Julians" Contest.  Check out the detailes in her latest journal--->…

:new: :iconjunkbyjen: is doing her annual Think Pink Contest.   Learn more about it here--->…
The Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest is being held right now offsite.  More information can be found in ImagersFractalDDs’s current journal-->imagersfractaldds.deviantart.c…

if you are having a contest, please be sure to send your information to DWALKER1047 so it can be included in this article, and you get some free pimpage.


Here is our stampie to put in your journals and shoutboards.
:thumb126687208:Fantastic Fractal Friday Stamp by DWALKER1047FFF STAMPIE 2 by DWALKER1047 FFF Stamp 1 by DWALKER1047 I love FFF Stampie by DWALKER1047
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Actionjack52 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome artwork!! Thanks for including a little of mine. =D
jimami Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009
I finally got time to look through this today and about fell out of my chair when I saw one of my fractals in with all those other beautiful works of art. :) Thank you very much for adding me in. :boogie:
MothersHeart Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
:wave: I'm delighted to see one of mine among all the beautiful art
you have featured here! Thanks! :hug::dance:
kittenbits Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2009
Thank you for featuring two of my Incendia creations... :excited:
DinkydauSet Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for featuring one of my fractals!
Frankief Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So very proud to have my artwork included among these great features. Awesome collection!
Munch12 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Seriously awesome features. So many of my favorites. :clap:
Jimpan1973 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank to all that selected my artwork! I'm truly honered!
marthig Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
:#1: :w00t: Awesome !! :faint: must come back and :+fav: some more :nod: :dance:
Thank you so much Debs and Lauren :woohoo: for featuring one of my latest fractals :iconcocoheartplz:
kayandjay100 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A fabulous selection of fractals ~ and thank you so much for including one of mine! :hug: Coco
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